Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kevin Peterson Called it a Day from all forms of Cricket

Kevin Peterson,the South-African born batsman of England surprised the cricketing world by announcing his retirement from all forms of the game.Though he quit from ODIs and T20s, he was willing and available to play longer version of the game.He was just 31+. The England T20 captain was surprised by the sudden announcement made by Kevin Peterson that too when England had to defend its T20 world champion title was just four months away.Of course, England would not forget that Kevin Peterson was man of the tournament in the previous T20 tournament and they had every reason to have Kevin in their team to defend their title in the next tournament. However, unlike many other modern cricketers, Peterson was very frank to admit that the scheduling of the modern shorter versions of the game was so taxing and laborious.Besides he also admitted that he quit the game paving the way for upcoming players to have their place in the England team for the 2015 world cup. No doubt Kevin Peterson was such a fine player and he was the most favorite player of West Indian great Brian Lara.He was such a dominating and dynamic cricketer.Recently, his contribution to Delhi Devils in the early rounds of just concluded IPL5 was commendable.Unfortunately, he was not available in the last rounds of IPL 5 series.Otherwise,Delhi Dare Devils would not have lost its play off matches and the story of IPL5 would also have been different. Who can forget that Kevin Peterson was instrumental in winning the Ashes series for England in 2005 defeating the then invincible Australia? In any event we must respect his decision to quit the shorter versions of the game.However, we can have a sigh of relief that cricket fans can still view his dynamic innings in test cricket.Thanks to Kevin Peterson!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Reminder to Your Dental Care.

A Reminder to Your Dental Care.
Though I may not have the expertise of a dentist,what I want to share with you will be definitely useful in taking care of your teeth and thereby your health.It is the true story or rather I can say the actual life experience of my close friend.He was my schoolmate and my bosom friend.We are now in different tracks of our life. While I am an agriculturist, he is a software engineer.Both of us are married and in our 40s.While I am hale and healthy, my friend is not.It is because of his dental health. During our childhood days we took care of our teeth, brushed them regularly, cleaned and checked up them periodically.However, I had no any difficulty in maintaining my healthy teeth.But my friend had a very very bad habit that affected his teeth severely. If I reveal it,you may even find it difficult to digest.From his childhood days, after finishing his breakfast, dinner or supper,he used to ruminate just like a cow.Whenever I noticed it during my childhood days,I immediately pointed out and requested him to give up the habit of rumination.But he became addicted to the habit of rumination.When he grew up, he realized what he was doing was beastly.However, he could not give up that habit.Instead of doing it openly as he did in his childhood days, he used to do it rather secretly.In the result, his teeth were damaged in his 20s.The reason was since he was ruminating throughout the day,the inner sides of his teeth had heavy deposits requiring frequent cleaning and medical check up.However,being highly educated (then he was doing engineering and then masters in engineering too), he felt rather shy to go for a dental check up.But his addiction to rumination continued. Though by virtue of his educational qualifications he was well placed, within a few years of joining service, he had developed serious dental ailments like erosion of his gums and falling of his teeth etc.Despite consulting highly qualified dental surgeons,it was too late.By that time he had lost almost half of his teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Now my friend's face got a different shape; he could not fluently speak with his boss or his subordinates;Recently I met him at Chennai.All his teeth in the lower jaw were removed and in the upper jaw he had only a few teeth.He had great difficulty in chewing his food.Hence he had only a few morsels of food.Now he had become so thin and his pleasing personality had gone once and for all.When I met him in such a condition, I was rudely shocked.He could not even speak with me freely.At the most what I could do was to feel sorry for my friend. Now my friend was thinking of getting advanced dental treatment like tooth plantation to regain his teeth and personality.But how far he would succeed in his attempts I don't know. Therefore, please always keep your teeth clean so as to remain hale and healthy and to keep up your personality.