Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Face Book and Twitter Dominate the Social NetWorking Sites

Among the social net working sites, Face Book and Twitter dominate and they have virtually become the part of our social life, even interfering with our personal life.If you are a regular visitor of twitter, you can observe meaningless tweets (perhaps meaningful to somebody?) like, 'Sorry I couldn't meet you last night','I am going to bed' and so on.On the pretext of social networking, face book even permits third parties( friends?) to write on your wall.Sometimes you may come across a number of babble of tongues that may be rejected as not eligible for publication by the paid to write web sites. Besides,in face book we often come across some features that may appear interesting but when you analyze their impact on the user, they are generally false,useless or utterly nonsense and indirectly harmful to the society:- 1.Women more frequently change their profile pictures than men. 2.Photos of women, whether they are looking nice or not, receive more likes than men, perhaps in the ratio of 20 : 1 and even more in some cases. 3.Though primarily meant for promoting friendship, face book also indirectly promotes dissension among spouses.In fact, on the slightest pretext of some quarrels or difference of opinions, couples make up their mind to part their ways, change their profile in the face book as if they are single and unmarried. 4.Of late, Face book, the social net working site is rapidly changing into a dating site providing opportunities in aplenty. 5.Face Book as a social net working site is indirectly playing a vital role in the degeneration of the society. These are just reminders and eye openers for the upcoming generation.