Friday, July 4, 2008

Blessings from parents do wonders for their wards

Some of us may believe in God and some others may not. Some of us believe that God alone created this World.Those who are driven by reason rather than by passion does not believe that God has created this world.They may have more faith in science supported by reason and may believe in scientific theories on the origin of this earth.

But no one can dispute that we descend on this earth from our parents, the living legends or gods on this earth, in whatever name you call them.. So it is our duty to seek their blessings regularly whenever we embark upon any new venture and also to look after them well to the best of our ability.

It is unfortunate to note that the modern trend is aged parents are considered unnecessary burden and simply dumped at ‘Homes for the Aged’. The wards of the aged parents are doing it either on their own accord or they are pressurized to do so.

The main reason for such reckless attitude on the part of the wards is lack of affection on their parents.

Hence, it is the duty of the parents to inculcate a quality of respect in their children towards them from their childhood days.

Children should make it a habit to seek the blessings of their parents always whenever they go to school and when they are grown up, when they go to office or embark upon a new business venture.

By seeking the blessings of the parents, on the one hand elders are pleased and put in a good mental frame and on the other hand, one may believe it or not, their blessings do wonders for their wards in whatever task they embark upon.

In the long run,such habits make the children always revere their parents and many an evils like sending them to the ‘home for the aged’ etc avoided.

Therefore, we should make it a habit or make conscious efforts to cultivate the habit of seeking the blessings of our parents regularly, so that we may not get estranged from them, when they became aged.

Nothing wrong in seeking the blessing of our parents, whatever our position may be , status may be. After all, they are our parents who take care of us in our childhood days, without whose efforts we may not have risen to the position what we are today.

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