Monday, July 14, 2008

Nanogenerian Bloggers

The following bloggers belong to the category of nanogenerians.

One of them was from Australia (was no more) and another one is Buti Singh, who hailed from Guyana.Their history is given here to inspire myself as well to inspire others.

I hope you may not mind spending a few minutes to know something about the great bloggers.

The oldest nanogenerian woman blogger from Australia died on July, 12 th, at Australia at the age of 108.

The details about her last blog postings are available in

The nanogenerian blogger was the living testimony for the two world wars.The details about her life history is available at
The entire world of bloggers paid their homage to the nanogenerian blogger.

The living blogging legend is Butisingh. At his age when people hate living and suffering from senility, 96 year old Randall Butising has not only mastered the intricacies of the internet but also began his own blog which describes him as one of the world’s oldest bloggers and shows him as a man of varied interests and a multifarious personality.

The grandson of indentured workers who were taken to Guyana to work on sugar plantations, Butisingh has watched the world transform many times in the past nine decades and has adjusted himself to the changes.

He said that he is a learner and believes that one stops learning he ceases to live and that it is never too late to learn.

At the age of 80, he learnt Arabic so he could read the Quoran.At 95, he began studying Spanish and learning it ‘poco a poco’(little by little).Butisingh has an agile mind and an eager interest in life and at present he is studying the Hindu religion and philosophy.

Butisingh’s blog is versatile. Its subject categories vary from Buxton, his hometown, economics, world politics, environment, history, philosophy, poetry, psychology, religion and an inspiring thought for the day.

In April, Butisingh posted a blog in which he called for the removal of restrictions from this free medium.he responds to every comment and response to his popular blog.

Born in Buxton, which is now in Guyana, Butisingh never visited India since he does not like traveling, but he has followed Indian History and favourite Indian leader is Mahatma Gandhi.

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