Friday, July 4, 2008

The demon called plastic

The modern science and technology, though improved our life style has also left many an indelible imprints in our life, which are detrimental to the cause of environment.

Plastic is the classic example. It is the synthetic material out of which we use its variants in different sizes and it occupies our kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and hall etc.In other words we can say that it has become indispensable part of our life.

People, especially the poor and middle class use plastic vessels heavily since they are comparatively cheaper in cost and lighter in weight that the other vessels.

While vessels made of earthenware, aluminum, brass, lead and ever silver malleable and they can be converted into another form and destroyed when they become old, plastic vessels cannot be destroyed and they can be changed into only in yet another form.

Therefore plastic is the material that is very difficult to destroy and researchers have proved that a plastic bag that we use in our day today life takes thousands of years to get decomposed unlike other materials that we use. Therefore, plastic is a permanent threat to our environment. Realising the potential threat of plastic materials, the Indian Railway Minister has set an example by issuing directions to use cups made of earthenware dispensing with plastic cups made of synthetic materials.

Therefore, it is better to avoid using plastic materials as far as possible in the best interest of a family and in the larger interests of the society as well.

We should eschew from using plastic materials only by making conscious efforts in that direction.

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