Friday, July 4, 2008

Charity begets Charity

Charity begets Charity. It does not happen just like that. Charity begins at home. Then it spreads to the outer world. It has a common and social purpose. It has an object. It manifests itself through the collective actions of the human beings. But it needs persuasion, transformation of the mind, resolution and then action. But unmindful of the consequences of the action for which contributions are made through Charity, it goes on and on. Therefore the classic characteristic quality of Charity is that it is permanent as a quality and its abode is the human minds. What is required to bring out the quality of Charity is an indispensable situation, of course persuasion, a large heartedness and above all the resources for a person who wants to contribute to the cause of Charity. But sometimes the classic quality of Charity even emanates from a person who has no resources, but one cannot blame a human being in such a situation but to appreciate and applaud the efforts of the concerned person, who supports the cause of Charity in his own and known way.

A recent manifestation of Charity from a rickshaw puller and his wife in Villivakkam, Chennai, is the classic example to show that Charity begets Charity. The rickshaw puller Daniel Thomas and his wife Selvi, living at the meager resources of Daniel Thomas. Having made Rs 1,000/- per month, he could not afford the cost of Rs 1.65 lakhs for his son’s heart surgery, who was suffering from a congenital heart disease. It was only Charity from the public that helped them in arranging for the surgery. Little Emmanuel was diagnosed with an anomaly in his heart when he was six months old. He never showed the growth that normal children of his age did. Even at the age of two, Emmanuel did not walk or talk and he was sick most of the time and had a severe wheezing problem since he was just a few months old. When most of the doctors consulted by Emmanuel’s parents had given up hope on him and discouraged Daniel and his wife Selvi from trying the complicated surgery on the kid.

Finally, they found a doctor at the MIOT hospital, Chennai, who agreed to perform the surgery on Daniel, but told them that it would cost them Rs 1.65 lakhs.But the couple did not give up hope and approached several NGOs and Charity organizations for help.Soon the required amount was collected. Emmanuel underwent the surgery on April 1, 2008, at the MIOT hospitals. He passed away around 11.30 a.m on Monday, due to cardiac failure.

As soon as the news of Emmanuel’s death spread, it was Mr.C.M.Munna,Chennai District organizer of the blood donor wing of the NGO Huiman Rights Organisation who had co-ordinated the eye donation with the C.U.Shah Eye Bank of the Shankara Nethralaya. When he approached Emmanuel’s parents seeking the donation of his eyes, they agreed immediately without any hesitation They wanted their son Emmanuel to be use of to society after his death and this would be the only way in which Emmanuel could thank all his sponsors.Thus Charity begets Charity.

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