Friday, July 11, 2008

It is easy to advice than to follow

It is easy to advice than to follow what we advise. We often get provoked when our advices invariably get flouted. When we ponder over why advising is so easy and why following an advice is always difficult, we arrive at a solution. Similarly, when we have also considered the question, why people hate people who advise? When we consider all these questions, after spending a considerable time for thinking over the above questions, we arrive at some answers, which are ridiculously simple.

When we choose to advice, we usually do not involve ourselves in any sort of planning. We go off hand while advising and proceed to advice whatever we think, of course only at a person with whom we are familiar with. While advising, we are often haughty and remain egoistic, but we do not care about the ego of the person, to whom we advice. We simply forsake the courtesy for the sake of advising and thereby wound the self-esteem of a person to whom we are advising. When we embark upon the process of advising, we transgress our limits which actually end up at the tip of our nose. While advising in a premeditated way, we often misjudge the character of a person to whom we advice and so invariably our advice is not appropriate and go waste. In the end we end up in a dismal failure. Therefore, it is an irony that though we discharge our fairly easy burden of advising, we actually get ourselves exposed of our inability to judge, under-preparedness and in the end , we fail miserably in our mission that we embark upon rather all of a sudden.

Now when we consider the question, why it is difficult to follow an advice and often the advice gets flouted, the answer is not so simple. Though advice is directed against a person, often it is a sermon on the mount, replete with etiquettes, aimed at perfection, often idealistic and so naturally always difficult to follow. Besides, an advice before being put into practice, requires a careful planning, systematic practice, sustained hard work and above all the requisite motivation to achieve one’s goal. For example a father advices his son to score very good marks in the examination and to achieve a high ranking. But to realize what his father advised, the son has to work very hard, assuming that all the other conditions are favourable to him. Similarly, it is very easy to advise a person who is obese, in order to become slim, he should confine himself to strict dietary habits, go for regular exercises, eschew from fast foods etc. But we are all aware that it is not easy to become a slim person without making sustained efforts towards dieting, exercising, besides eschewing from the temptations of fast foods.
Therefore, it is easy to advice, than to follow what we advise

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