Monday, July 7, 2008

Kavya paid the price for what she was and what she is !

Kavya was terribly upset and had been under stress and tension for the past three hours. She was vexed; cancelled her dance class; cancelled her shooting scheduled to commence tomorrow, though, it was only a very small supporting role.

A few days ago when she saw a news about the French first lady Bruno’s nude photo was sold for a whopping price of $ 91,000, Kavya felt sorry for her. The News column also said that the photo was taken some ten years ago when she was a model. Now Bruno had to pay the price for what she is.

It was a pity, now Kavya herself faced a similar problem. But she was not at fault. The problem was that some news papers had flashed and some web sites had exhibited a photo of Kavya kissing a local industrialist. She was terribly shocked.

When Kavya probed into the photo, she learnt that it was morphed. But Kavya could not identify and trace the culprit who committed the cyber crime. Only after ten days, Kavya could trace the culprit. But she did not want to prefer any complaint against him and to precipitate and flare up the matter further. It was an irony that fellow was a very young man aged hardly 22 or 23, of a very orthodox family at Mylapore, Chennai.

When Kavya met him at his residence, he derisively smiled at her.

‘Is it fair on your part? Why did you morph my photo and publish it? ’

‘Weren’t you involved with that person ?’

‘Everything was a rumour and gossip only. I have got nothing to do with him? Even police had investigated and let off me since I was innocent’


‘Can you withdraw the photo and issue a disclaimer?’

‘I will do it. Please wait a minute. You are divorced and living all alone. But you are having movie chances only rarely. Your former husband was an NRI, was’nt he ?’

‘How did you know everything about me?’

‘Aren’t you in the cine field with still some glamour left with you ?’


‘You are paying the price for what you were and what you are !'

Kavya did not say anything except cursing her fate.

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