Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To be a Blogger or an Article Writer ?

Almost all of us are blogging out of sheer ‘passion for blogging’ without any idea or purpose or motive or any goal. However, the support personnel of the web site where we blog, time and again call upon us to write something useful and rich in content and also advice us to avoid spamming which means to avoid reproducing or copying exactly what we have come across in other sites.

One may tend to ask, what is the difference between blogging and writing an article, since both involve writing and of course both are in the written format? I too agree with you.

Though a blog and an article are in the written format, there are some essential and characteristic differences between the two. To put it in an interesting way, while blogging may be equivated with the composition of a music director who has some basic knowledge and a lot of common sense coupled with hearsay knowledge, but has no any thorough knowledge in any specific school of music say in either Carnatic or Hindustani or Western music.Whereas the article writing may be equivated with that of a professional musician, a specialist and an expert in either Carnatic music or Western Classical music or Hindustani music, like a violinist like Lalgudi Jayaraman or a Kumaresh or a percussionist like Valayappatti Subramaniam or a vocalist like M.S.Subbulakshmi or Sudha Ragunathan or T.N.Sesha Gopalan or an expert in an instrument like Saxaphone, Kathri Gopal Nath or a mandolin Srinivas.

Again, while a blog does not have any specific format or word limitation or any other sort of limitation, an article specifically differs from it. It is usually in the form of an essay having an introduction, a body and a conclusion with a topic justifying the contents it has. While a blog gets published just like that very easily without involving any hazards of screening and editing etc, an article does not enjoy that privilege. It is published only after getting the approval of a panel of experts or editors. Though the length of an article may vary between 3oo words and 5000 words, but an ideal and recommended form of an article is said to be between 400 and 700 words.

But, of late, the scope of a blog has grown enormously and it is treated at par with an article. As there are innumerable article directories to enhance the scope of viewership and marketing of an article, so there are directories to blogs to enhance their scope and marketing. While there are a number of freelancing sites like academia-research.com, essay writers.net, academic experts.com.us, the writers online.com, article land.co.uk, etc provide earning opportunities for article writers, popular sites like ezine articles.com which was previously paying the experts on the basis of their contribution, is now a non-paying site on experimental basis but thoroughly enhances the marketability, scope and viewership of an expert author.

There are popular directories for blogs like Blog Adda. There are popular sites like pay per post and eHow and Forum Booster.Net etc, which are paying the bloggers for their posts provided they are approved and have marketing expertise and potential in consumer products. But a non-US blogger should be thorough with his social identification number or ID number of Taxation etc.

To put it in nutshell, the scope of a blogger or an article writer, in the online world is equally good but it is highly competitive. To become a successful blogger or an article writer in terms of earning, one has to thoroughly equip himself in his area of expertise.

Then your winning post is at a striking distance.


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