Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why do we blog ?

Hello friends, this blog is in response to one of my friends who has commented in one of my previous blogs or articles?.Of course I took his comment as an advice and really I took it in good spirits and not offended by it by any means.

Well, I don’t want to keep you in suspense. His advice was, not to write on sensitive topics (perhaps heavy) and my blogs should be entertaining and useful. Yes. I agreed.

We are all blogging to share our personal experiences and also our knowledge and technical expertise that we have with others. But what is our ultimate object of blogging ? We blog for our sheer pleasure and personal satisfaction.We want to earn in the possible way by blogging in a popular site like which of late offers 100 % adsense revenue to the bloggers or writers.

Since we blog for our sheer pleasure and personal satisfaction, we must realize that through our blogs we should make others who read our blogs happy.In other words what we write should entertain them.

Then we have the problem, how to attract other bloggers and readers to our blog and make them read our blogs. It is only by writing an entertaining, interesting and informative blog. To earn revenue from a blogging site where adsense revenue sharing method is followed, it is a precondition that we should open an account with the googles adsense.

Therefore the secret of blogging lies in writing an entertaining blog that is rich in content also.To put it in other words, before blogging, a blogger should observe what the other bloggers are writing and also read the pulse of the readers what they are interested in, what they want.

How to read the pulse of the other bloggers and readers? A blogger should observe the readers’ response to his blogs and actual number of views that his blog gets and its frequency.He should also note down the response of sensational blogs written down by fellow bloggers get.

Therefore, to put it very simply, the key of blogging lies in blogging in an entertaining way with a rich content and blogging on a subject what others crave for and need.

Then you are blogging in a right direction with a purpose and goal and your success as a blogger is rest assured.

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