Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laziness is an enemy within you

Laziness is baneful to a human being and an enemy within him or her. It is a complex quality of a person which defies logic or reasoning. Laziness can be defined as idleness, indolence, an inactive or inert status of a human being which hampers ones’ growth and progress in life. Hence, laziness keeps a person poor. Procrastination is another form of laziness which prompts a person to stave of or postpone a project or work indefinitely. Laziness can also be equated with lust which keeps a person idle in his bed, making him rather unwilling to rise from his bed and proceed with his routine activities. To put it briefly, laziness can be defined as a sort of mental bloc of a human being, keeping him static and neglecting his duties.

The cause of laziness can be traced to ones’ childhood days. A child picks up the laziness from his parents and got ingrained it. Therefore parents of a child are to be blamed whose lazy ways and attitude infect a child. Viewing a television for hours together both by the elders and the children make them addicts, neglecting their developmental and other important activities in life. Thus an elder fails in his office to finish his office work satisfactorily, while the child neglects his studies, performing badly in the exams. Procrastination or tendency to postpone a work or project, results in inordinate delay leading to yet another form of laziness.

All religions have taken note of laziness and its evil impact on the humanity. The Bible vividly explains through anecdotes the bad impact of laziness on mankind. Buddhism puts emphasis on eschewing from laziness. Islam advises to abhor laziness.

Therefore, it is our duty to abjure from laziness in the interest of ones’ own welfare as well as mankind. But it is not an easy task. First of all we should motivate ourselves. Then we should make concerted efforts in the right direction. A few tips on how to shed ones’ laziness will not be out of place.

In order to shut the door for laziness, we should begin from the father of the man, the child. It is the duty of the parents to be a role model for their children in eschewing laziness, by doing everything systematically and methodically involving no delay. We may avoid procrastination while doing big projects, by way of dividing them into small segments and by finishing them one by one within a stipulated time. Thereby we can learn time management also. Individuals who want to shed their laziness may have specific targets or goals before them, according to ones’ ability and background and pursue them with a single minded purpose and concentration. In the process your laziness is gone once and for all.

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